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Established in 2008, MyWellbeing is your home for Movement, Mindfulness and Magic! Join us at Work, at Home or in Studio. Reconnect Body, Mind and Soul with our Wellness Programmes, Workshops, Classes & More! Our goal is to help you unlock your inner Wellspring of Wellbeing, nourishing your body, calming your mind and lifting your spirit.

Meet Rachel...

Rachel first discovered Yoga in 1998 and her journey with Movement, Mindfulness and Magic began. While working in Corporate Marketing in a global organisation, she became a Reiki Master & Yoga Therapist and began practicing Reiki and teaching Yoga in 2006. By 2008 her passion for bringing Wellbeing to Workplaces took off and she created MyWellbeing.

Off her yoga mat…
Rachel lives with her husband,3 kids and 2 dogs. A constant learner, she is mid way through her MSc in Mindfulness Based Wellbeing in UCC.  In her free time she heads up the mountains or retreats to the beach. She is a seeker of sun and a lover of horses.

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Over the years MyWellbeing has had several exciting evolutions. From bringing Wellness to festivals, companies, prisons, schools. MyWellbeing also founded Dublin city centre studios for movement and healing therapies and now also has a vast online community offering classes and workshops both online and video on demand!

MyWellbeing’s primary focus is on making wellness a priority for workplaces. Rachel’s creative work well solutions transform workplaces into thriving hubs of wellbeing, boosting team health, happiness and resilience.

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Nourishing Women

As a mother of three, Rachel has journeyed through pregnancies, motherhood and into perimenopause, which has led her to focus on nourishing women’s health and womb wellbeing. She has coached and supported thousands of women on life-changing journeys from fertility to post-natal recovery, menopause and beyond.

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Rachel is currently studying an Masters of Science in Mindfulness Based Wellbeing in UCC,  also holding a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from UCD (2000) and is also a graduate of the Smurfit Graduate Business School with a Masters of Science in Marketing Practice (2001). Rachel graduated from Yoga Therapy Ireland (2007), among many other health and wellness qualifications and continued immersion in the studies of Wellbeing. Rachel is also a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Educator, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, STOTT Pilates Teacher, Meditation Therapist and an expert in Women’s Health and Wellbeing.

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Rachel brings warmth, support, fun and nurturing energy to everyone she works with.

Work with Rachel and MyWellbeing At Work, At Home, On Demand or In Studio.

Forever at it’s core, the pillars of MyWellbeing are Movement, Mindfulness, and Magic underpinned with a strong foundation in Women’s’ Health.

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How we Work?Pillars of MyWellbeing

MyWellbeing is built on the pillars of Movement, Mindfulness, and Magic, all grounded in a foundation of Women's Health.

Rooted in reconnecting people to their Body, Mind and Soul, through a holistic approach, incorporating Movement, Mindfulness and Magic! Our goal is to help people unlock their inner Wellspring of Wellbeing, nourishing their bodies, calming their minds and lifting their spirits to unleash deep fulfilment, radiant joy and boundless vitality!


Movement is the gateway to re-embodying and feeling into your best self!


Mindfulness is the pause button that helps you stop and simply be in the present moment!


Magic ignites your soul and unlocks the spark within, connecting you to beauty around you!


Nurturing women unlocks their incredible feminine frequency, tapping into their limitless potential and empowerment!

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    TestimonialsFeedback From Clients

    The menstrual cycle awareness component of women at work programme is something that every workplace should adopt! It has helped me better understand my body’s needs throughout each phase of my cycle which has led to increased creativity, productivity and better time management.

    Thank you Rachel for helping to make my pregnancy an enjoyable (and less anxious/painful) one. I was grateful for the camaraderie that the group sessions fostered, especially during this time with lockdown, and was particularly impressed with how you could remember everyone’s details, ailments, other children, etc. Looking forward to seeing you at the postpartum […]


    As someone who spends most of their day sitting at a desk with back to back appointments, the mindfulness and movement activities offered by workplace wellbeing programme have been transformative for me. I feel more energised throughout the day and am able to concentrate better both at work and home.

    Rachel and the team behind the women at work programme truly cares about our wellbeing as female employees. From supporting us during pregnancy to helping us manage menopause symptoms, they go above and beyond in ensuring we have everything we need to thrive.

    I joined the women at work workplace wellbeing programme during my pregnancy and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! The tailored support helped me feel confident navigating the challenges of working while pregnant.

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