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Please note we have a strict 12 hour cancellation policy on all classes. All bookings and cancellations are online.

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Class Descriptions

Get ready for an amazing yoga/pilates/mindfulness experience! Rachel has been teaching full time since 2006 and is passionate about providing her students with individual attention in a warm, welcoming studio. Her enthusiasm will energise you while she guides your practice - making each class fun and fabulous!


Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Yoga Pilates Yogalates Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Come and experience the best of both Yoga & Pilates – Yogalates! Get ready to energise your body with our total-body workout, building core strength while stretching for overall toning. Plus enjoy a relaxing journey as you learn mindful breathing practices, meditations and relaxation techniques designed to leave you feeling fabulous inside & out.

(Not suitable for pregnancy)

Yoga and Meditation

Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

This class is suitable for anyone, everyone should try it.

Let yoga and meditation fill your cup of wellbeing! Come explore a stunning selection of poses perfectly crafted to help you stay connected with yourself while enjoying the harmony that comes from body balance. Strengthen both your mind and body, unwind completely in restorative deep relaxation – give yourself an opportunity for true rejuvenation today!

(Video On Demand Library Only)

Pregnancy Yoga

Online Pregnancy Yoga Online Pregnancy Pilates Pregnancy Yoga on Demand Pregnancy Pilates on Demand Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Pregnancy Yoga Dublin Pregnancy Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Pregnancy Yoga is your unique opportunity to nurture both you and baby while creating space inside, especially where it matters most – between the ribs and hips. Get ready to work on flexibility, breathwork, meditation plus birth preparation. This amazing practice will set your body up for an empowering birth experience whilst clearing away stress from the mind so that you can stay focused yet relaxed in this special time with baby!

Pregnancy Pilates

Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Pregnancy Yoga Dublin Pregnancy Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Pregnancy Pilates is the perfect way to stay fit and fabulous throughout your journey of motherhood! Not only will working on your strength and flexibility help keep you strong, but it can also aid with postnatal recovery. Bums, tums & hip strengthening combined with upper body exercises enables you to provide a cosy home for baby within while feeling great too – an amazing investment in yourself that lasts long beyond pregnancy!.

Mum and Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Postnatal Yoga Dublin Postnatal Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Mum & Baby Yoga is the perfect way to bond with your little one while improving flexibility and strength! Enjoy a supportive environment where you can work on post-natal yoga & Pilates moves, as well as creative stretches and playtime tailored for baby. Take an hour out of your day to relax, strengthen tired muscle groups – all while making special memories with baby in tow!

Suitable from 6 weeks old.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage Mum and Baby Yoga Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Postnatal Yoga Dublin Postnatal Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Is your little one ready to experience the wonderful sensory benefits of baby massage? Join us for our five-week course and begin an amazing bond with your baby! Through gentle stroking, subtle stretching movements and specialised techniques designed specifically to ease colic or wind, you will have fun discovering ways to soothe as well as stimulate their senses. In no time at all you’ll be unlocking a wondrous world full of positive energy that lasts long beyond the last class together.

Suitable from 2 weeks old.


Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Mindfulness Dublin Mindfulness at Work Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Yoga Dublin Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Mindfulness classes bring support, self-care, and nurturing into your life. Designed to help you explore the present moment. You’ll learn simple meditation and mindful movement. With our positive energy and focus on self-care, these classes are sure to uplift your spirit.

Class Prices Membership Options

In Studio Class Prices:

  • Drop In Studio Class: €18
  • 5  In Studio Class Pass (7 week expiry): €80
  • In Studio, 4 class Introduction Offer (one month expiry): €60
  • VOD 24 Hour Access: €10 

Online Class Prices:

  • Drop In Online Class: €12
  • 5  Online Class Pass (7 week expiry): €50
  • VOD 24 Hour Access: €10 

Monthly In Studio or Online Memberships:

  • Monthly In Studio with Online and VOD Membership for €100 p/m
  • Monthly Online Membership with VOD €65 p/m
  • VOD Monthly  Membership €25 (no live classes)
  • Membership also includes access to live online classes along with access to our Video on Demand (VOD) Library
Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Yoga Dublin Pilates Dublin Yogalates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Yoga and Pilates Online and on Demand

FAQsHere to help

Is there space to get changed before/after class?

No. We have very limited space to get changed, and limited storage space. We advise you come ready for class.

Studio Guidelines

To preserve the tranquillity of the studio and enhance everyone’s experience please switch off your mobile phone. Please leave your shoes and your cares at the door of the studio. With limited storage space, we advise you travel light & come ready for class.

What if I have any injuries or medical conditions?

If you have any injuries or medical conditions please let us know before the class. We can adopt and modify most of the postures to suit you. Our classes should help you strengthen and recover from an injury and actually help with a lot of medical conditions.

What if I am pregnant?

Please let your teacher know if you are pregnant, or become pregnant during the term. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Once we know you are pregnant we can decide together on the next steps for you.

For Pregnancy Specific classes, every stage of pregnancy is welcome, from the very early days until you welcome your baby.

Eating before class?

Try not to have eaten a meal at least 2 hours before a class. A light snack such as nuts, fruit or a yogurt is okay. Drinking water before a class is advised – try and make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You will feel better for it!

What do I need to bring?

Very little… Yoga Mats are provided, and are available to use in the studio free of charge. If you would like bring your own mat, please do. You may also wish to bring a bottle of water – especially our mums to be.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in freely, tracksuit bottoms or shorts with t-shirts are ideal. You do not need shoes or socks.

Who can practice yoga or pilates?

Anyone can practise Yoga or Pilates, regardless of your age, level of flexibility, strength or balance.  No previous experience is required for any class. Classes are non-competitive, then only thing that matters is what happens on your own mat.  You can expect to learn how your body works and maximise your potential. Classes are excellent for those recovering from injuries and a  great compliment for any sport.

Our Pregnancy Classes are suitable for mums to be from early pregnancy onwards. Our Mum & Baby classes are suitable when the babies are 6 weeks old.  Just email us at any time if you have questions on joining a class.

Is there parking available?

For our Crumlin Garden Studio there is plenty of free on street parking.

Please be courteous to our neighbours and refrain from blocking driveways.

Where are we located?

67 St Agnes Park Crumlin, D12 F9T0

Can I drop into Class?

Yes. All class must be booked online in advance.

You will need to create a MyWellbeing Account. Then all classes must be booked, cancelled or rescheduled online in advance via our Website.

How to I book a space in a class?

All classes must be booked, cancelled or rescheduled online in advance via our Website.

With memberships or class passes do I need to book in/cancel?

Yes and Yes.

You need to book into every class, or cancel from every class.

Cancellation Policy:

Please be aware there is a strict 12 hour cancellation policy on all classes. Monthly members, please bear in mind our limited class sizes and we ask you to cancel if you cannot attend your class.

You can cancel by using the online booking system or MindBody App. 

How to cancel a class?

Please be aware there is a strict 12 hour cancellation policy on all classes.

You can cancel by using the online booking system or MindBody App. 

When can I return to class after my baby?

Baby Massage is a non-exercise class, and you and your baby can attend from 2 weeks.

For Mum and Baby Yogalates, we recommend 6 weeks post Vaginal Birth or 12 weeks post Caesarean Section. However, these are guidelines, every woman is different, please listen to your body, we will work with your needs.

Why choose MyWellbeing?

When you join MyWellbeing, you are entering a tranquil oasis of warmth and friendship that is totally inviting to everyone! Rachel has been teaching since 2006 and has a wealth of experience. We strive to give each individual student the attention they need for an amazing experience – think energising classes with fun modifications so everyone can participate at their own level. Join us today for some feel-good wellbeing moments!

What is your phone number?

Our booking system is fully automated, available 24/7 and allows you to book, cancel and change all bookings yourself.

Please email any additional questions or queries to


Happy ClientsWhat they say...

Working with Rachel has been an incredible source of motivation and inspiration for me. She’s helped me overcome mental roadblocks, develop a growth mindset, and achieve things I never thought possible.

As someone who has struggled with menopause symptoms at work, I cannot recommend this workplace wellbeing programme enough! The support and resources provided have made a world of difference in managing my symptoms and improving my quality of life. It’s great to see my employer prioritise women’s health needs.

The 121 Wellness Coaching program is a must-try for any woman looking to improve her overall health and well-being. Rachel was incredibly knowledgeable about women’s health issues and provided me with practical tools to help me feel my best.

I highly recommend Rachel from My Wellbeing for any business looking to improve employee wellbeing. The approach is refreshing and effective, bringing a sense of joy and playfulness to the workplace while also providing practical tools for managing stress and improving overall health.

I have been doing yoga & yogalates with Rachel for eight and a half years now and follow her to every studio she moves. She is simply the best, her classes are challenging, but very calm and friendly. I like her attitude and attentiveness to each person and of course my body is much stronger, […]

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