Fertility Yoga Workshop

Join Rachel for her amazing Fertility Yoga pregnancy preparation workshop.

Rachel who along with being a Pre Natal and Post Natal Yoga Specialist, also holds a Diploma in Fertility Yoga Teacher Training.

Fertility Yoga helps you to unwind, relax, release and let go.

These classes are infused with gentle, restorative and receptive poses, specifically to increase circulation to your reproductive system. We use plenty of props and there is no previous yoga experience necessary. We focus on meditation, breathwork and positive visualizations. You will feel strong and relaxed in body and mind.

Workshops are designed to be safe, gentle and effective. They are safe for every part of your menstrual cycle and fertility journey.

We focus on:

  • Open energetic pathways
  • Increase circulation to your reproductive system
  • Stretch and tone the pelvic floor
  • Ease into a state of relaxation
  • Develop your mind body connection
  • Ease anxiety, insomnia and stress
  • Create calm and strength

Whether you want to prepare your body for natural conception or you’re undergoing ARTs,

Fertility Yoga Helps Prepare Mind, Body and Spirit for fertility and pregnancy.

Investment: €30, €10 deposit, €20 cash on the day please!

NEXT DATE: Friday 24th January 7-9pm

Venue: Crumlin Garden Studio D12

Please bring fluffy socks and dress to be comfy and warm for maximum enjoyment xx

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