Active Birth Workshops

Small Group Workshops Available  Online or In Person


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3 hour In Person, In Studio Workshop, €200 per couple.

3 hour Small Group Zoom*Appointment, €150 per couple.

*Live attendance only, no recordings available!

This may be refundable through your health insurance, please check in advance.

Limited slots available, booking in advance is essential.

Active Birth Workshops are designed to prepare mums to be for labour and birth and provide top tips and practical advise for birth partners.

Our workshops are hosted by Rachel (mum of 3 with 3 drug free Active Births), are ideal for Mums-to-be from 30 weeks onwards.

We host our workshops, for couples, hybrid style, in studio and online, for 3 hours, 6.30-9.30pm.

Learn how to prepare for labour and birth. Expect to leave the workshop feeling empowered and excited about the journey ahead, most mums say the leave looking forward to their labour!!

Read more about the benefits of Active Birth.

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What you can expect to be covered in class:

  • Preparing your body and mind for labour and birth
  • Stages 1, 2 3 and 4 of labour
  • How to cope and distract yourself through each stage
  • What is Active Birth and how does this differ from Managed Labour
  • Postures and breathing for Labour
  • Postures and breathing for Birth
  • Relaxation techniques to keep calm
  • Anatomy of the pelvis and how to maximise space to help our babies descend gently
  • Positive Mental Attitude to Birth
  • Hospital Pain Relief along with Alternative and Natural options
  • Hypnobirthing & birthing affirmations
  • Perineum care
  • Managing your hospital
  • Top Tips and Practical Hands on help suggestions for your partners
  • Designing your birth preferences
  • Natural induction methods

*If the workshop of your choice is booked out, please email us to be added to our wait list with your preferred date

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Active Birth Testimonials

Best yoga and pilates studio going, and it is going from strength to strength all the time. Fantastic facilities, bright and welcoming: just like the teachers! Friendly and open to all levels and interests. A great place to learn new skills, or hone ones!

Best pilates class in Dublin thanks to Rachel xx

Rachel has the ability to push you to a level of fitness that you’d never think you’d reach, but also the ability to know when you need to relax or adapt exercises. I couldn’t recommend Rachel and her classes highly enough. I’m hooked!

I have been coming to classes for some time, love the way Rachel interacts with the class, she is a very warm and makes it fun! And the new studio is beautiful!

I’m really enjoying Rachel’s classes. She’s full of energy and it’s quite infectious!

I have been doing yoga & yogalates with Rachel for four and a half years now and follow her to every studio she moves. She is simply the best, her classes are challenging, but very calm and friendly. I like her attitude and attentiveness to each person and of course my body is much stronger, leaner and more flexible.


I really enjoy the class Rachel is fantastic. Have noticed a huge difference and definitely intend to keep the classes up. Thank you!

Rachel is a fantastic pilates teacher, it’s a very enjoyable and beneficial class. I am delighted to have been recommended MyWellbeing, and I would certainly pass on the recommendation.


The increase in energy helps me work and study and I have more energy chasing after my niece. I never used to run for the bus and now I can run for the bus and not be out of breath. Mental wellbeing is incredible, I feel great, more relaxed, don’t get as stressed out as before, my body is able to handle more stress and a bigger workload. The guys in the class re arrange everything so they can make it to the class.

Fiona Flood

I have gained great body awareness and flexibility … I feel great! Yoga has helped me work through and repair damage from old football injuries – sciatica, lower back and and shoulder. I feel a lot clearer, more focused. I have become energy in motion! I look forward to YOGA everyweek. This has become the best part of my life!I just love the yoga

Patrick Ryan

I was lucky enough to have Rachel Gaffey set up a yoga/pilates studio right around the corner from my house, and thrilled to discover such a gem. She creates a warmly inviting atmosphere which is by turn, calm and zen like for Yoga and focused for Pilates. Her Body Tone class will make you look like you’ve been working out with Tracy Anderson (the woman behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s transformation), but without the Hollywood prices, or ego. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Daisy Cummins

Since attending Rachel’s classes over the last two years I have noticed a huge improvement to my posture and flexibility. The classes are enjoyable and cater to all abilities. I always leave feeling revitalised and have a fantastic night’s sleep!

Ciara Buckley

A few months ago I started Yoga with Rachel. Since that time I’ve noticed a huge difference in my flexibility and balance. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve convinced a number of my friends to try it – all of them are now fully signed up and very reluctant to miss a class. It’s actually a really good work-out and has been a huge help to any of the guys that had previously suffered injuries.

Ross Culliton

After 6 weeks of Yoga I have dramatically improved my flexibility and agility. I have also notice a remarkable shortening of my recovery period in between training sessions. I’ve made Yoga part of my weekly training plan and I look forward to it every week – Thanks Rachel

Brian Kieran

Rachel is a great instructor and her classes are nicely paced and really enjoyable, catering for all levels of experience. Yoga is an amazing stress buster and is a great way of clearing the head during a busy day – you really feel the benefit after each class. We love it!

Martha Kavanagh, Drury Communications

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