Mindful Moments6 Week Mindfulness Course

Introducing Mindful Moments – a 6 week online introduction to mindfulness course that will teach you the art of being present, calm and centered through meditation.

Online via Zoom

8.00-8.45 am

Next Dates:

  • 12.07.23
  • 13.09.23
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This 6 week course will guide you through the fundamentals of mindfulness and equip you with practical techniques to bring greater focus, clarity and inner peace to your daily life.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of mindfulness practices
  • Tips for managing stress
  • Learning how to become aware of thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • Applying mindfulness techniques to everyday life
  • Cultivating compassionate communication skills
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Whether you’re new to mindfulness or an experienced practitioner, Mindful Moments is the perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding and take your practice to the next level.
Book in today, take time for yourself and start experiencing the benefits of mindfulness.
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