We’ve got a beautiful Therapy Room here at the MyWellbeing studio and we look forward to bringing you a range of different therapies and treatments to compliment your unique lifestyle.

One-on-one training

We work on an individual basis with clients who would like to benefit from personalised treatment and training. Whether you are recovering from an injury, interested in dropping body fat, adopting a post natal exercise plan, or just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle – we can design a customised training plan  for you. Each plan comes with take home exercise plans along with diet and exercise recommendations.


One-on-one training allows us to get maximum results for each client. We use a blend of Yoga, Pilates and Strength Training in each session. Depending on your circumstances Yoga or Pilates can be used as a therapy and recovery tool, or as a means to gain strength and decrease body fat.

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Life Coaching with Ronan

Ronan graduated from Dublin City University with a degree in Business and Languages, and subsequently spent several years living abroad in Australia, Japan and Spain. While in Ireland, he worked in the high performance environment of the National Athlete Development Academy for two years, alongside some of the top athlete performance coaches and physiotherapists in the country.

After completing two coaching courses with one of the leading family therapists in the world, Cloé Madanes and the world famous, life coach, Tony Robbins, he went on to study Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence and Business.

As a coach, he works with people that are looking to discover and do work that they love. He believes that if they have the correct tools and strategies to discover their passion and unleash their true potential, they’ll be able to find a career that they enjoy. The ultimate goal is to enhance their future by giving them an increased sense of purpose and passion.


Career/Life Coaching Offer:

Ronan is offering a free 15 minute consultation until the end of August. To book a place, please contact

A Healing Treatment

Join Rachel for a Healing Treatment designed to soothe, relax and restore. Rachel blends her experience as a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist to provide a truly magical  and energetic  healing designed to soothe body and mind. Begin with an aromatherapy foot soak, followed by a healing reiki treatment, then allow our  crystals to absorb into your chakras while enjoying a soothing foot massage.

You will leave the treatment feeling rejuvenated, more relaxed and at peace.

Sessions cost €70. Just email to book your treatment.