Our Crumlin Garden studio is an oasis of calm and the perfect setting for some one to one  or small group work. We invite our Private Clients or private groups to come to Crumlin to work with us on a more personal level.

Choose from healing treatments, Pilates Reformer classes, Personal Training, Birth Preparation, Baby Massage or private Yoga, Pilates or Yogalates classes.

Baby Massage

Private Baby Massage Class

Private 121 Baby Massage is ideal for parents or caregivers who cannot attend a regular 5 week course of Baby Massage. Previously we have worked with parents who have other children at home and cannot commit to 5 weeks. We also do a lot of work with parents/caregivers of babies who may be sick, have special needs or those for whom a general baby massage course will not work.

We take 90 minutes and go through the regular 5 week syllabus. Classes are baby led so you feed, change, cuddle your baby as required.

  • Learn how to massage and soothe your baby
  • Meet other new mums in a relaxed, intimate environment
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Increase weight gain
  • Relieve wind and colic
  • Help prevent Post Natal Depression

The private massage cost is  €150 (This may be refundable from your healthcare provider – please check your policy in advance).

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Private Reformer Training

Reformer Pilates is similar yet very different to mat based Pilates. Reformer Pilates is done using the Pilates reformer machine and is generally more intense and more dynamic than mat based Pilates as it adds resistance to the Pilates exercises via the use of the springs which form part of the machine. A wide variety of exercises are done on the reformer to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. Most Pilates reformer exercises have to do with pushing or pulling the carriage or holding the carriage steady during an exercise as it is pulled on by the springs.

Private one-on-one Pilates sessions address your personal needs (eg, are you an athlete, dancer or pregnant? Do you have a particular body type, or injury? etc). You receive full one to one attention to assess your needs and ensure your continued progress.

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One-on-one Personal Training

We work on an individual basis with clients who would like to benefit from personalised treatment and training. Whether you are recovering from an injury, interested in dropping body fat, adopting a post natal exercise plan, or just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle – we can design a customised training plan  for you. Each plan comes with take home exercise plans along with diet and exercise recommendations.

One-on-one training allows us to get maximum results for each client. We use a blend of Yoga, Pilates and Strength Training in each session. Depending on your circumstances Yoga or Pilates can be used as a therapy and recovery tool, or as a means to gain strength and decrease body fat.

Get in touch  to find out more – or click here for pricing 

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A Healing Treatment – soothe, relax and restore!

Join Rachel for a Healing Treatment designed to soothe, relax and restore. Rachel blends her experience as a Tera-Mai Reiki Master, Seichem Master, Crystal Therapist, Aura Soma Practitioner and Cacao Facilitator to provide a truly magical  and energetic  healing designed to soothe body and mind.

Begin with mindful breathing and grounding, then sip Cacao (full treatment only), followed by a healing reiki treatment, then allow our  crystals to absorb into your chakras while being surrounded by aromatherapy essences to soothe your soul.

These treatments will enhance your happiness and vitality. Connect you back into your body. Ease fatigue. Boost your sense of Wellbeing.

You will leave the treatment feeling rejuvenated, more relaxed and at peace.

Your Investment:

  • Full Treatment, 1 hour and 15 minutes €125*
  • Mini Treatment , 45 Minutes €75*

Please email to book your treatment.

*Treatments may be refundable from your health insurance


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