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Come to our studio, we have a great team of energetic teachers, committed to making you feel fabulous. Our teachers come from wide and varied backgrounds, all experts in their fields, come on in and see for yourself.

Our Teachers

Rachel Gaffey

Rachel Gaffey

Rachel has a love of Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Fitness and overall Wellbeing. She founded in 2008 and has been teaching full time since. Her classes are always fun and students have praised her personal attention and ability to mix challenging postures with a fun environment.

Rachel practices a wide range of Yoga and Pilates styles and blends this dynamic combination into her classes. Students can expect increased strength and vitality and individual attention is guaranteed. After completing a class with Rachel you will leave feeling strong, flexible and toned. All classes aim to eliminate stress, rejuvenate the body and revitalise body and mind!

Rachel is a mum to three amazing children, Clodagh, Orlagh and Ronan. After three very comfortable pregnancies and 3 calm, gentle, drug free births, she is committed to women’s health and helping other women through their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journeys.

Rachel holds a teaching diploma from Yoga Therapy Ireland and is a member of the Yoga Federation of Ireland. Rachel is STOTT Pilates trained and also holds a diploma in Fitness, Gym Instruction and Personal Training from ITEC and has an ITEC diploma in Diet and Nutrition. Rachel is also a Reiki Master and Life Coach. Rainbow Kids, Total Barre™, IAIM Baby Massage Instructor, STOTT Pilates Pre and Post Natal, YTI Pre and Post Natal, Mum and Baby, YTI Yoga Diploma, STOTT Pilates, Tera-Mai Reiki Master, New Insights Trained Life Coach, ITEC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, ITEC Fitness Studio Teaching, ITEC Gym Instruction & Personal Trainer. Rachel holds a BComm from UCD and is also a graduate of the Smurfit Business School with an MSc in Marketing Practice.
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Ciara Gillan

Ciara has recently left the world of Visual Effects and Film, where she worked for many years as a Producer. Now she’ll be taking that organised brain of hers and working her ‘feng shui’ on our fabulous studio here in Dame Street. When not managing our clients and keeping all aspects of MyWellbeing in tip top shape, Ciara works as a freelance Radio Producer and Writer.

Check out her blog here

Kate Gaffey

Kate Gaffey

Kate teaches Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes here at the studio. She also leads our Corporate Wellbeing program, bringing classes and wellbeing workshops & seminars to the workplace. If you’re interested in bringing a new lease of life to your office get in touch!

Kate is passionate about moving well and the connection between movement, the mind and the body. Building strength as well as flexibility will be a focus for each class. Expect to work hard, be challenged in new ways each week and to leave class with a smile. Yoga classes are a dynamic flow to strengthen the whole body. Pilates classes focus on building core control as well as upper and lower body strength. Barre classes sculpt the thighs and bum in a fun way, expect to feel the burn!

Wellness Workshops include mindfulness, meditation, workplace ergonomics, healthy eating demos and workplace wellbeing talks. If you think your company would benefit from finding out how to use mindfulness to boost productivity, or how to eat during the day in a way that sustains energy, just get in touch.

Kate holds a B.A in European Business and a BSc in International Business from DCU and Northeastern University Boston, MA.

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Suzanne Gaffey

Suzanne is a Pilates Instructor who has an enormous appreciation for how Pilates has transformed her posture, core strength and mind-body connection. Her belief is that the core strength utilized in Pilates should be the foundation for any form of movement.

Having lived in New York for many years, Suzanne always experimented with different forms of movement.  Since returning to Ireland She has furthered her journey & completed her Pilates Teacher Training.

It is her passion to make people feel their best and her goal after joining a class with her is that you will leave feeling stronger, more flexible and relaxed. Her personable and down to earth attitude make sharing a class with her a real treat!

Suzanne is also a Doula. She completed her DONA International training as a Birth Doula and is a member of the Doula Association of Ireland.

Suzanne holds a B.A in Business and Sociology from Trinity College Dublin.

Lorna Coleman

We are delighted to have Rachel’s mum Lorna to MyWellbeing!

Mother to five, grandmother (5 at the last count!), Yoga teacher, Infant Massage teacher, GentleBirth instructor, Energy Healer and Wise Woman Doula, Lorna Coleman is passionate about living life authentically  and helping women to recognise their intrinsic power. 

Lorna trained with DONA International as a birth Doula, and loves nothing better than supporting women emotionally during pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Working as a childbirth educator with GentleBirth, she also runs regular GentleBirth ante natal workshops in Dublin and the North East. 

She is also a 200-hour RYS qualified Yoga teacher in addition to being a Birthlight Certified Pregnancy and Perinatal Teacher having being taught by the world renowned Francoise Freedman. She has also specialities in Womb Yoga, her teacher being Uma Dinsmore Tuli of Yoni Shakti fame. She loves all things woman, pregnancy and baby and loves to teach Infant Massage (IAIM certified) to new Mums as they transition to motherhood. 

On top of all this she finds time to work as a Chakra Energy Healing therapist, specialising in fertility and pregnancy preparation and recovery.

Having worked in the corporate sector for over thirty years Lorna holds an MSc in Education from Dublin City University among other postgraduate qualifications. Lorna brings a wealth of life experience to her work and course delivery.

Hannah Buckley

Hannah is a Professional Dancer with a broad and eclectic training. She has trained at California State Univeristy,Los Angeles, Trisha Brown dance Company,New York City ,she  graduated from the University of Limerick with a BA.Performing Arts and holds a postgraduate degree from the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School.She is a STOTT pilates,barre and Rainbow Yoga instructor. She is passionate about making dance, pilates, and yoga accessible to all,allowing it to train our bodies to move more ergonomically and efficiently.

Hannah teaches Wednesdays lunchtime Yogalates. Book your place here.

Jasmin Victoria

Jasmin Victoria started studying American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Wendy Marlatt in 2005 and has been travelling internationally to study dance since 2006. She is a broadly trained fusion dancer with extensive movement/dance knowledge and performance experience. She has a cross- disciplinary background in Asthanga yoga, classical ballet and modern contemporary dance amongst others.


Start Bellydancing! Cida Arcanjo teachs Classical Bellydance and has been professionally Belly Dancing for over 15 years. She is passionate of Belly Dance and its complexity. Belly dance is a form of art that can be learned and practiced by everyone no matter the age, weight or gender. It is a dance style which will enhance the use and control of your body muscles and will then allow you to express your inner energy through the movements.

She teaches here every Saturday: Beginners at  12.20am; 13.30pm- Intermediates and Improvers!

More information on my website:

€50 monthly pass

Drop in €15

To book your place please email

Bruna Alves

Yoga is for everybody!

I spent a long time avoiding yoga because I though it was definitely not for me, thinking I wasn’t flexible enough or I wouldn’t be able to do certain movements. This all changed when I went to my first yoga class in 2013 in London. It was love at first sun salutation! Since then I have dedicated myself to the yogic path, understanding that yoga can be whatever we want it to be.

Who Am I?

I love everything that is good for you! Yoga, meditation, nature, sea, sun, food, red wine & travel. I also love sharing 🙂

Bruna teaches every Wednesday at 19.30 – Find out more here.

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