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September News, 8AM YOGA AND MEDITATION, Post Natal Classes Back Online

Hi guys, Here is a link for our latest news letter. https://us2.admin.mailchimp.com/campaigns/show?id=3071962 So I have reflected on all the announcements over the last few days and decided to stay online for now! This is our current schedule. The only change is changing the Yoga and Meditation class to 8am...

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Yoga and Meditation 10am followed by a week off!

Hey guys, I hope that you are well and enjoying summer in whatever shape that takes for you. Join me for Yoga and Meditation 10am, Saturday 18th July. After that, I am unplugging for a week, and will see you back online via Zoom on Tuesday 28th. I have...

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When are we getting back to our studio classes? Where are we going next?

Hi guys, I hope that you and your friends and families are well as we slowly begin to emerge from the cocoon of the last few months. Here is a link to our latest news letter, or read below: https://mailchi.mp/mywellbeing/when-are-we-getting-back-to-studio-classes People are starting to question when we will get...

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May News

To read the pretty, formatted version, click here… https://mailchi.mp/mywellbeing/staying-online-online-active-birth-appointments Excuse the mess….reality of a busy working from home Momma!! Okay guys, Here we go the start of another week, new Month, start of summer! Originally, my plan was I would try out a few classes online for the month...

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Zoom Yoga Practice and Tips for Home Practice

Check out our latest news here Sending lots of love to all our Quaran-team buddies!! I hope that you are prioritizing your health, fitness and Wellbeing during this strange time. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through this adventure into the online world, I know there...

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Top Tips for your Home Practice

In truth you need nothing, just a willingness to get on your mat and see what happens! However if you want to make your home practice as comfortable as possible try these tips and tricks. Find a small space where you can ignore everything going around you. Quick hoover...

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