Easter and new classes

How is it nearly Easter? Where have the past few months gone? In a blur, I tell you. A whizz of classes and new arrivals. More on that later! But I have to say this is my favourite time of year. Why? Because we don’t need a reason to stuff our faces with chocolate. It’s Easter! Yeehaw! If you’re a fan of chocolate, then you’ll understand the pure delight in sitting down with an Easter Egg (any Cadburys egg will do me) and chomping away. The adrelain and high of that creamy chocolate zipping through your veins. Okay, maybe this isn’t a good thing but Easter is but once a year The only sad part is when that Easter egg is gone, and usually in flash.

On the news front, we’ve had a lot babies arriving over the past few months. Some great stories, in particular this unexpected home birth – definitely worth a read.

We also have a new class starting too, one we’re extremely excited about. Womb Yoga is starting on Thursdays (from 20th April) at 7.40 pm. If you’ve ever felt the need to indulge in choc during your time of the month, then this is the class for you. But it’s not just for the premenstrual ladies. This is a healing class for everyone with and without a womb. It’s a class for relaxation after a long week. It focuses on your hips, pelvis and organs of reproduction. Read more here.

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Picture curtesy of Unsplash.com – Annie Spratt