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Yoga with Dominika

DDominikaominika holds weekly Hatha Yoga classes here every Tuesday evening at 8.40 pm

The class focuses on different parts of the body, followed by breathing techniques and relaxation.  We will pay attention into stabilising the base and activating the core. The course is aimed at level 1 and 2. It is suitable for beginners and those who have basis knowledge of postures but want to challenge themselves a little bit more.

Dominika  has always been into various forms of movement and body awareness, primarily as a dancer. When she discovered yoga, not only did it bring her to a completely different lever of body experienceand awareness but it also positively influenced her mind. Since she started practising yoga, she has found it to be one of the best and easily accessible ways to prevent dance injuries as well as ‘city-life- related pains’ and to relax and balance her body and mind. Fascinated by the discovery, she attended different classes and she studied under various teachers to deepen her yoga practice. Finally, she completed the YTTC Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (in 2012) in order to gain additional knowledge and understanding and to be able to share her skills with others. She ia a dedicated student and teacher, always eager to learn and explore various styles and approaches; the journey continues. In her yoga practice and teaching she pays great attention to body and breath awareness helping to find physical and mental balance. Her classes include strong asana, however adapted to different levels and abilities, as well as breathing and meditation techniques.

4 weeks €40

Drop in €12

Please email to book your place


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