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Yoga & Pilates for Men

Real Men do Yoga…..

What do David Beckham, Andy Murray, Ryan Giggs, The Irish Rugby Team and Colin Farrell all have in common? They are all dedicated yoga practitioners.

Did you know that Yoga and Pilates can have a tremendous impact on your sports performance? If you’re not already taking regular classes here’s why you should:

Yoga & Pilates for Men

1) Prevent Injuries and Improve Flexibility
Yoga increases overall flexibility. It improves overall body awareness and addresses existing imbalances in the body.

2) Improve Recovery Times
Yoga and Pilates help to remove lactic acid from the tissues and are proven to improve sleep quality. This helps speed up the recovery process.

3) Increase Core and Back Strength
Pilates and Yoga work on both the core and the spine – the postures integrate core strengthening with spine twisting. A strong core and healthy spine are essential.

4) Cultivate a Winning Mindset
Yoga & Pilates help build focus and concentration. This can make all the difference when it comes to your sports performance.

5) Improve Physical Strength & Control
Yoga uses your body weight to strengthen muscles and improves overall control of your body. If you’re used to lifting weighs you will be surprised just how challenging some of the body weight postures can be.

Still curious?
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