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Top Tips for your Home Practice

In truth you need nothing, just a willingness to get on your mat and see what happens! However if you want to make your home practice as comfortable as possible try these tips and tricks.

  1. Find a small space where you can ignore everything going around you.
  2. Quick hoover or sweep of the floor (its amazing what you see from the ground and how distracting it can be)
  3. Speaker with relaxing music of your choice. This is a Spotify link that I like to use in class.
  4. Candle and incense or aromatherapy oil.My favorite incense is Nag Champa (blue box) and my Fav oil to burn is Lemongrass.
  5. Yoga /Pilates mat or towel
  6. Blanket, Pillow and warm socks (helpful for relaxation)
  7. Strap, scarf, belt or tights (helpful to stretch tight muscles)
  8. 2* Yoga blocks or if unavailable 2 * tins of beans/tomatoes (this helps bring the floor closer and open the body with stability)

If you are doing a live Zoom class, decide if you want to be seen or not. If your teacher can see you they can interact with you/correct you/connect with you. This is personal preference. If you want to be seen, practice putting your phone/PC where you can be seen.

Turn off your lights and settle into relaxation. This is the best with of class and where the magic happens!

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Enjoy, Namaste xx

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