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Tips for Yoga and Pilates for Beginners

Our winter term begins Monday 14 November. We are running a 6 week term costing €80. For full timetable please click here.

Yoga Classes Dublin 2 and Dublin 2 Pilates Classes and Yogalates Classes Dublin 2 all take place at our centres in Dublin Holistic Centre and the South William Space both on South William Street, Dublin 2.

Here are some tips for first timers coming to Yoga or Pilates classes.

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CHECK FOR REQUIREMENTS. The studio may ask you to fill out a first-timer form and waiver before class, or recommend that you take a certain class if you are brand new to yoga. Check the studio website for this information, and call if you have further questions.

SAVE YOUR BIG MEAL FOR AFTER. It’s better to practice yoga when your stomach isn’t full. A stuffed belly can make all that twisting and deep breathing uncomfortable and limit your potential. If you are starving and it’s close to class time, grab something small and easy to digest, like a piece of fruit that will hold you over.

DRINK WATER. You should be drinking water whether you’re headed to yoga class or not, and it’s a good idea to hydrate before and after your class to keep your system running smoothly. For most styles of yoga, drinking about 8 ounces before class and about 8 ounces after should keep you hydrated. Some studios suggest that you don’t drink water during the class so you can focus all your attention on the practice. If you’re well hydrated before the class, you should be fine waiting to drink water until after.

SAY HI TO THE TEACHER. Let him or her know it’s your first class at the studio or first time practicing yoga, and whether you have any specific limitations or injuries.

TAKE IT EASY. Don’t push or fling yourself into the poses. Try to keep your breathing long and deep. If your breathing becomes short and fast, ease up to where you can bring it back to long and deep. Long, deep breathing helps you move calmly and attentively through challenging and unchallenging poses alike, and will give you the most benefits from the poses. Deep breathing helps your body open up and your mind rest. It takes practice. It may take a lot of time to be able to master the poses you want, but remember that once you do, there will always be something else to master. Start from where you are. Where you are is perfect.

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