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Tai Chi with Paul

Tai Chi for men_imagePaul is passionate about energy and movement, and has been studying Tai Chi and Qigong for over 18 years. Fascinated by these ancient exercises and how they combine mind, movement and breath, to bring about harmony and vitality to all aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

Paul has trained in several styles of tai chi and qigong, and is an expert in both. Paul trained and qualified with the Universal Healing Tao, in Ireland, England, and Portugal.

He is also a  Master Practitioner of  Emotional Freedom Techniques and Meridian Energy Therapies, and draws on his years of experience and understanding of working with energy to provide quality, and personal experiences of chi to each of his students.

Paul was inspired to teach a class of Tai Chi for men.  With many men struggling to redefine themselves in the growing tide of yin energy in the world. Tai Chi offers a path to balance. For men it is necessary to embrace the yin to bring themselves into there true power. The Taoist approach includes an understanding of the chi flow through the meridian network and how to balance and harmonise the chi flow through use of the five elements. Through Iron Shirt qigong we develop rooting and strength. 8 Pieces of Brocade rejuvenates the vital organs, and tai chi 13 movements, or Double Helix form opens and balances the circulation of chi throughout mind, body and spirit.

In tai chi for men we can also address men’s health and learn exercises to increase prostrate health and overall sexual vitaTransform stresslity.

Tai Chi for men, offers a safe space for men to journey into men’s health and discover the power of steel wrapped in cotton.

Classes every Tuesday night 8:40 – 10pm

€120 for 10 weeks, or €15 drop-in

For more information contact Paul at

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