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Spring time… Me time!

It’s the first day of March and after the heavy downpour of last night, I really do feel like spring is in the air! The last two months have flown by and as such have not given us a chance to stop and smell the roses so to speak. We’ve been bundled up in our winter clothes, moving from work to home, work to home. Keeping our heads down through the dreariness of January, then barely getting to grips with February when suddenly we’re in March.

With the brighter and hopefully a little bit warmer days, we now have a chance to stop, breathe and reassess. And I found three great tips from New York Times bestselling author – Gabrielle Bernstein -to help us blow away those winter cobwebs and focus on the happiness of March.


1.Spring clean your mind

I love this.  With the arrival of spring, we always have that urge to spring clean the physical, like our wardrobes, our kitchens. But why not focus on your mind? Any of the negative thoughts you’ve been caring with you since the start of the year, let them go. And take on a positive thought each day. And a positive action with renewed vigor and sense of self. Yes, I can, even if it’s just something small as smiling more every day.

2. Take a sun break

As much as I would love to head off on a holiday in March, this is actually referring to taking a break in the sun. Despite the last few weeks, we’ve been blessed with quite a bit of sun this year, albeit cold sun. But taking time every day to get out beneath that star helps produce endorphins, which we all know to be the happy hormone.

3. Plan a picnic.

This is a good one for us city dwellers. Here in Dublin we’re surrounded by lovely green parks but we don’t always get to use them. Now that spring is coming, why not a plan a picnic with a friend (or on your own), get out on to that freshly cut grass (don’t you love that smell) and relax beneath the spring sun.

Share any positive spring tips you may have for us this March.


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