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Set Yourself Up For The Best Day Ever

Spring is coming (slowly but surely!). We are moving from dark, cold mornings and evenings into brighter and lighter times. As we start to get a little more daylight in our lives it should be come just a little easier to get up in the mornings and start your day.


This is the perfect time to set up a little morning ritual for yourself and set yourself up to have a great day. Keep this up and watch the great days turn into great weeks and before you know it we will be into summertime, feeling fabulous with some healthy new habits under your belt!!


Try integrate some of these little rituals into your morning every day. Stick at it for a while, watch healthy habits grow and hopefully you will notice how much better you feel!

1. Drink a Glass of Water as soon as you wake up

Hydrate your body first thing, get your digestive system moving. Try adding in some lemon, or some apple cider vinegar. Hot or warm water is also really nice.

2. Don’t check your phone

Try and set a rule for yourself not to check your phone for messages / emails etc in bed and for the first hour that you are awake. Allow yourself ease into the day without distractions. Watch your mind become clearer and your productivity rise!

3. Express Gratitude

Set the tone for the day. Set yourself up for a positive experience. This is proven to make us happier so why not give it a try. Try get into the habit of picking three things making your happy, or three things you are grateful for each day.

4. Have a good breakfast

This one goes without saying. Make time for yourself and place a value on fueling your system with good foods. Take the time to nourish yourself and your body and reap the benefits throughout your day. Try eat real, whole foods and fill up on protein and fats to keep consistent energy throught out the day.

5. Move your body!

Have a little wiggle, yawn, stretch, move – dance even! Get your body moving in the morning. Even just for a minute or two. Start to tune into how your body feels, move in a way that makes it feel better setting yourself up for the day.

6. Try some affirmations

This might be a little out there for some people and that’s fine! If you’re up for it, why not pick an affirmation for yourself and choose the morning time as a chance to say it. Make it positive, definite and as you say it try and feel it in your body! You’ve got nothing to lose.


Why not challenge yourself, use February to pick a couple of these habbits. Sick with it each day and see how you get on. You’ve got nothing to lose! Let us know how you get on.




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