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September News, 8AM YOGA AND MEDITATION, Post Natal Classes Back Online

Hi guys, Here is a link for our latest news letter.

So I have reflected on all the announcements over the last few days and decided to stay online for now! This is our current schedule.

The only change is changing the Yoga and Meditation class to 8am start.  I am adding some postnatal courses and toying with the idea of more workshops, let me know what you need!

Are you feeling tired, stressed, burned out or tight/stiff …..

So…. lots of the messages I have been getting over the last 6 months, many more since the start of September, are from exhausted people, apologetically saying they haven’t been at on online class, and they are close to burnout and do not know where to start, feeling unhealthy, busy minds, unfit, tight and anxious.  If you feel even one of these, I have a starting point for you! We start our weekends with Yoga and Meditation (new tim


e 8am). This is a slow, flowing class, full of deep stretching, peaceful breath practises and we finish with stillness and silent meditation. Perfect for blowing off the cobwebs and the very best starting point for a great weekend.  This is suitable for all levels and everyone welcome. Everyone can benefit from this class…you won’t regret it!!



I am starting back our postnatal classes from 23d.

For younger babies I would recommend starting with Nurturing Touch with Baby Massage and Gentle movements 5 week course, Wednesdays 11am, suitable from 2 weeks old.


Learn to soothe and ease and bond with baby, from your own home.

If anyone is looking for a postnatal specific class join me for our 5 weeks Mum and Baby Yogalates course. Wait 6 weeks in your baby bubble and when you are ready, join me to rebuild, rebalance and regain your strength as you recover and repair your amazing post natal body. We divide the class into 10 mins of mum workout and 10 baby and repeat this sequence throughout the class so that both mum and baby get the most from this session! You are forever postnatal, however the perfect time to do this is 6 weeks to 12 months, babies loose interest after that.

Here is a link for our latest news letter.


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