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Sadly..We are closing MyWellbeing Dame St, 29th June

Hi guys, Rachel here.


Sadly, with gratitude and love, I have made the difficult decision to close our beloved studio in Dame St


I am very sad, and disappointed both personally and professionally to let you know that we are closing MyWellbeing Dame St, effective from Friday 29th June 2018.


As most of you are aware, particularly our evening students, or those who have attended recent weekend workshops, we have been having HUGE disruption from Berlin, the bar that opened beneath us in November 2017.


Our challenges have ranged from thumping bass, to live DJs, rubbish and litter in Dame lane, disruptive gatherings, outside drinking and unncapetable noise levels which are in direct conflict with the oasis of clam that we try to create and foster in MyWellbeing. The most frustrating thing is that our gorgeous studio is now located directly above a busy smoking area in a dynamic city centre bar, and as the bar continues to grow in popularity, particularly the surge of drinking outside in Dame Lane, we are disrupted more and more. For MyWellbeing, this is getting worse as the weather gets better!! (Fear not, we still love sunny days!!)


Over the last six months we have worked hard to negotiate with our landlord, the bar staff, bar management, bar owners (even getting them to sit in on class with us) and we have contacted Dublin City Council to no success.


Despite our best efforts, no improvements have been made. This disruption, combined with the added pressure of the rental price on our lease going up in multiples, sadly means our studio is no longer sustainable or suitably positioned in Dame Lane.


You may have noticed changes to our schedule and changing of teachers in the last few weeks, we have been trying different combinations to make things work. Very sadly, just this week, after tumultuous few months, we have come to this difficult decision to close our beloved studio and move on finishing Friday 29th June!


What about our fabulous students…..class passes etc????


All of our class passes and monthly memberships will expire on 29th June.


We are not sure of our next moves so please use your class passes before this date as they cannot be carried forward.


This is our class schedule and every class on this schedule will run up until Friday 29th June.



Pregnancy classes remaining:


Post Natal classes remaining:


Standard classes remaining (non pregnancy):



What class pass to buy next??


If you are intending to come to our studio more than once a week, the monthly membership is still the best value. We will sell this up to Thursday 7th June (expiry will still be 29th June).


Pregnancy unlimited monthly €120 if you come twice a week for next 4 weeks, classes cost €15 or three times a week €12.


Standard unlimited classes including post-natal classes, monthly €100, if you come twice a week for the next 4 weeks €12.50 per class.


If you only intend to come once per week, please purchase drop in classes, or work out if you would use the 5 class bundle before 29th June, and if so, go for 5 class pass. Please remember all class passes expire 29th June.


Bear with us on this as we update our App and booking system to reflect these changes and as we reply to our emails on this subject.



What next for MyWellbeing???


In a nutshell I am not sure!!!


With soaring city centre rent and rates I am not ready to jump immediately into a new premises just yet. I need to put a bit of time, thought and research into this.


Some of you with me 5 years or more have seen me move from South William St to Dame St. If you are with me 7-10 years you have seen the move from Meath St to South William St. And if you are with me more than 10 years, you were with me when I was popping up in studios around the city, our very first start with some of you, my beloved golden oldies in Grantham St.

MyWellbeing is 10 years old this year and each move has brought me to greener pastures and on to bigger and better things. To those of you who have supported me and followed me over the last 10 years plus, my sincere love and gratitude, I am so blessed to love what I do and you know it brings me so much joy to share Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates and most importantly all the laughs with you in every class! More GREAT stuff is coming I promise!!


In the immediate short term, I am going to rest, recover and regroup and develop a new business plan for MyWellbeing for the next 10 years!!


Personally I hope to spend most of July and August building sand castles, eating sandy sandwiches and gobbling ice creams with my 3 kiddies in our mobile home!!


Even though Berlin have been irritating my peaceful vibe in the studio for 6 months, I always believed we could fix it, so this decision to close has come quite quickly in the end and while I don’t have the answers yet… watch this space!!


Going Forward…


What I do know is that over the summer I will continue to run our AMAZING Active Birth Workshops each month as normal from the ever gorgeous Dublin Holistic Centre, South William St, D2 (click here).


I am also available to come to your workplace and bring Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates, Mindfulness, Meditation and various workshops to you! (click here).


I have a fabulous Garden Yoga Studio in my home in Crumlin, I will run baby massage from here and add other classes too. (Baby Massage Crumlin 4 July Book Now)


If Crumlin suits you location wise, click this link and let me know what type of classes and times you would like to see here and let’s make that happen!!


From September so far I have secured city centre space for the following classes and I hope to add to and update this scheudle.


Tuesday WednesdayThursday

Pregnancy Yogalates

Yoga Loft

Cecillia St, Temple Bar


Standard Pilates

Yoga Loft

Cecillia St, Temple Bar

14.30 Baby Massage

Dublin Holistic Centre

South William St, D2

17.30 Pregnancy Yoga

Dublin Holistic Centre

South William St, D2

17.30 Pregnancy Pilates

Dublin Holistic Centre

South William St, D2

18.40 Standard Yogalates

Dublin Holistic Centre

South William St, D2

18.40 Pregnancy Yogalates

Dublin Holistic Centre

South William St, D2



What about the rest of the fab MyWellbeing team??


I am so proud and grateful to have always surrounded myself with a group of strong, entrepreneurial, brave, fierce, women who rock!!!! Fear not, everyone has lots going on and abundant, juicy lives beyond MyWellbeing!!!



Follow Lorna’s granny wisdom and her range of classes here:




You should join Kate on her next Yoga Surf weekend (24-26 Aug Book Now), or take her to work with you too




Our Trinity Scholar will complete with her Midwifery Degree. If any of you ladies want to bring a champion cheerleader to Doula your birth, check out her website here. I cannot think of anyone I would rather have in my corner as I prepare to birth.




Our organizational whiz is making podcast magic. If you’d like to learn more about how a podcast could be right for your business or if you haven’t checked out her Wonder Women podcast, head to her website:





On a personal note, I am very sorry if any of you feel let down or confused by this. I cannot be true to the type of studio MyWellbeing wants to be, and that you deserve to have, by positioning it above a busy bar!


MyWellbeing will be back, bigger and stronger than ever. Energised and full of fun and fabulous ideas after our summer break.


I will keep everyone up to date with our plans, proposals and developments. I always welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.


I feel truly blessed to have made a career from MyWellbeing. The fact that I have turned my hobbies and passion into a thriving business is amazing, I am not about to let that go or slip away, I just need a new direction and some time to think.


I really hope that I get to see as many of you as possible as we make the most of our last month in Dame Lane before moving on to the great unknown….


Onwards and upwards,

Thank you for making MyWellbeing so much fun,

Lots of love,

Rachel xx


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