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Protecting Your Back at Work

Backache in Pregnancy….

Backache is one of the top complaints with all my Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates students. The two most important places to protect your back is at work and watching how you sleep. Keeping active, using your ball and coming to class will help keep your back strong, but you MUST mind your back in work.

Please read below top tips from one of my FANTASTIC students who has worked in facilities management.

Tips for Office Workers
You should be given a Pregnancy Risk Assessment by whoever is in charge of Health & Safety in your company. This is a legal requirement. Most places don’t do it.
Basic workspace ergonomics can have a massive positive effect on your posture.
Your chair: your chair should be adjustable to cater for your height. The seat part should fit the underside of your thighs comfortably and be neither too long or too short.
The height should be adjustable so that your feet rest comfortably on the ground and your knees at a 90degree angle. If this is not the case, you can request a foot rest. (These are cheap as chips and available from any stationery supplier).
Back should be at 90 degrees and supported especially in pregnancy. Again, without getting militant, a company is responsible for your safety at work and should take measures to ensure that you do not suffer from back pain. Request a back support, bring a pillow with you to work or roll up a blanket and put it behind you.
Your computer screen should be at the correct level for your height. Eyes should be level with the “File” bar in Microsoft Word. If it is not, find some way to raise it up. This will help to keep you sitting straight. It should be at a distance that you can touch it with the tip of your middle finger. Any closer is too close and vice versa. If you have a laptop, elevate the laptop and request a separate keyboard. It is worth noting that laptops are not considered “safe” to work on for long periods of time.
You should have the keyboard flat on the desk, and you should have a mousemat and wrist rest.
If you’re on the phone all day and inclined to rest the phone between your ear and shoulder, request a headset.

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