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Nature nurtures

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not known for my green fingers. When Rachel first bought us the beautiful white orchid we have, I pretty much killed it. Forgot about its total existence, which ultimately led to its death. Not something I’m proud of, especially as Rachel thought I was looking after the little gal.

Then in stepped Lorna, Rachel’s mum, and with a little bit of love and some good tips (always leave Orchids in some water) this beauty came back to life. And so too did her little purple friend.  

I’ve never really understood plants or what they needed. Water, I hear you say! Yes, but what if you give it too much? Or in my case, not enough. It isn’t just about water. They need love and attention too. A responsibility I didn’t think I needed.

That is until I watched our white orchid come back to life. And I felt the kick of excitement as I tended to her water and watched her flowers bloom. I finally understood what it’s like to connect to something and take care of it. Something I could do with humans but not plants.

Now, I have a special place in my heart for these guys and their other red friend. I want to water them and watch them grow and thrive! It fills my heart to nurture them. And know that in return they’re nurturing me.

So next time you’re in the studio, take a moment to admire our lovely plants and feel their love.



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