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I heart bare feet

When I was a teenager, my mum decided we weren’t allowed to wear our shoes upstairs at home. For years, my frielook of disdain_02nds would look at me with utter confusion and a little disdain whenever I made them take their shoes off before going up to my bedroom. Who had ever heard of such an absurd thing? Take off my shoes, purleeeasse!

Remember this was Ireland in the 90’s and we weren’t used to any these bizarre ‘in door shoe removal’ customs. In fact, my mother was more doing it to save her lovely new cream carpet as opposed for any hygienic reason. But really she had the right idea. The carpet lasted and we didn’t traipse dirt all over the place. My friends even adopted the practice later in life.

So I wasn’t surprised when I started working here at the MyWellbeing studio to find that we had a no shoe policy in the studio. It makes sense! We have young babies in there every day. Crawling around, touching everything and anything. Students walk around in their bare feet. And if you think about the dirt we bring in on our shoes…. Ewww does it bear thinking about?


plastic bag imageWell, if you’re curious have a read of this article by the gals at It may freak you right out and probably have you wearing plastic bags over your shoes for the rest of your life. Or it may just help you understand the methods behind our madness.



But we love our relaxed no shoe vibe. So remember, bring your smiles and your energy and leave your shoes at the door! Ciara xx


Please Remove Your Shoes Sign 7



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