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WalkWe’re so excited to start our 10 weeks of self care. I have to say this is a new term to me, in that I hadn’t really given it much thought before this. It was only when I went through a break up recently and people starting saying it to me, I asked myself:



So what does self care actually mean?

According to a lovely website Rachel put me on to, called MindBodyGreen

“Self-care is not trying to numb or distract yourself from your feelings. Be present and aware of what is driving your actions. Examples of activities that can be mindless include: emotional eating, alcohol, shopping, gambling, overexercising, or consuming lots of media. For many people, it can be challenging to manage their time in these areas. Aim for an activity that isn’t a trigger for you. Remember, self-care isn’t a guilty pleasure; it’s an important part of your wellness”.

I have, of course post break up, done most of these. Well except the gambling. 🙂 But Rachel is great at reminding me of the importance of self care. Of being good to ourselves in a holistic way.

So our suggestion today is to take a walk. Simple.  An evening stroll in the warm summer air. You can go alone and be present with your thoughts. Or you can take a loved one and share this time that you may not have had otherwise.

But remember this is not just our journey. We love to hear your suggestions or tips for self care x

Ciara x

Photo credit: Unsplash

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