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Chocolate Yoga with Paula

Paula_ImagePaula will be hosting CHOCOLATE YOGA classes every Friday from 6.30-8.30pm

Cost €25

Advanced booking required


Or message Chocolate Yoga Dublin on facebook

Paula is a certified yoga and meditation instructor with Pyramid Yoga (300hr) and Hridaya Yoga (500hr). Having spent the last few years between Mexico and Guatemala; teaching, studying, retreating and sitting cacao ceremonies, she is now bringing all of these amazing learnings together to offer Chocolate yoga and Cacao Ceremonies. She has found that cacao, as a partner to meditation and yoga, has brought a whole new depth and opening to her practice and is so excited to share this as the gift that has been for her.

Chocolate yoga combines cacao with slow relaxing asanas with an internal heart focus. It’s all about softness and self-love! Cacao helps to relax the body, get in touch more easily with the energies moving within, and clear blockages and tightnesses from a place of love and gentleness, which then leaves more room for more light and more magic.

Cacao is an amazing compliment to any practice because it helps you get out of your head and into your heart. It helps the energy to flow, and helps shifts to occur in a really gentle and beautiful way. This must be why it’s called ‘The Food of the Gods’.

Cacao Ceremonies are an even deeper dive into the heart. More focused on meditation and your own journey within, they are a beautiful way to connect to the full power of this ancient plant medicine. The ceremony allows space for you to work with whatever is coming up in you, with the assistance of cacao to bring it to the surface. This can mean clearing of emotional blockages and trauma, working with life issues and blocks or simply opening to a depth of your heart you’ve never felt before. Whatever arises can be worked with and all is welcome. Paula guides the journey and is available to work one on one with what is showing itself. The ceremonies can be silent if you wish to just dive deep, or they can be interactive, depending on what is needed and wanted.

What is Chocolate Yoga?Chocolate Yoga Poster

A chocolate yoga class begins with drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate, made with love from the purest raw cacao, sourced straight from the ‘Chocolate Shaman’ in Guatemala.

As she works her way into your system I will give a little information about why cacao is such an amazing partner to yoga and meditation, and how to use it to its greatest potential.

From there I will lead you through an hour and a half or so of (mostly) gentle, relaxing asanas, focussing mainly on the energy flow within the body and the chakra system. The beauty of combining this practice with cacao, is that it helps to bring our attention to areas of the body that are holding or blocking energy and releasing it in a gentle and loving way.

Cacao is a heart opening medicine which has been used since ancient times for shamanic and spiritual practices. The name it is given in Guatemala translates as ‘heart blood’, and the reasons for this will be very clear after your chocolate yoga session!

All stages of practice are welcome; from beginner to pro, cacao has something to offer everyone.


Raw cacao in certain doses can react badly to ANTIDEPRESSANTS, resulting in a bad migraine. If taking any, please let me know so I can alter your dose for you.

If pregnant, breastfeeding, or with very high blood pressure the dose will need to be altered also, so please let me know if this applies.

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