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Things to do in August

As I was trying to come up with something fun to write about I realised we’re over half way through August and nearly back to school. Well, for some of us anyway! Eeeek, this is not what we want to be thinking about. How has the summer gone so fast?

So here are some fun and different things to do before August ends:

Nan Goldin exhibition in IMMA.

Her raw, revealing and searingly honest pictures of people dating from the 1980’s to now is so refreshing, you might just go back for a second look. And it’s free.


The Big Grill in Herbert Park

Food, beer and the outdoors. What’s there not to love? A little bit of sunshine wouldn’t go astray oh god of the skies!!

Big Grill Festival

Theatre Time

Okay if you weren’t quick enough to get a ticket for the Gate’s immersive version of The Great Gatsby, fear not. They have lots of other plays on at the moment. And there’s also Riverdance in the Gaiety and Once in Olympia. And if none of that floats your boat, the Dublin Fringe Festival is starting in September. Okay, so it’s not August but hey, it’s close enough.

What’s On

And then finally if you want something a little bit off beat, then try

The Dublin Live Art Festival

Looks a little out there ….  but hey it’s live art. It’s gotta be right?

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