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Our bespoke Work Well Presentations are tailored to your organisation’s wellness goals, helping to promote Wellbeing in your Workplace and giving employees the tools and resources needed for a healthier work-life balance.

We also offer Work Well Programmes, Workshops, Retreats and Women at Work Wellbeing too!

The Magic of Mindfulness

Unlock the Magic of Mindfulness: Discover How to Find more Balance and Joy in your Workplace

  • Introduction to the concept of mindfulness and its benefits
  • Understanding the science behind mindfulness and how it impacts the brain
  • How mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • How to use mindfulness to increase focus and productivity
  • Techniques for incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine
  • How mindfulness can improve communication, empathy, and teamwork
  • Practical exercises to help you start your mindfulness journey
Rachel Gaffey breathing and meditation for women at work Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Nourishing Your Energy at Work. Workplace Wellbeing. Work Wellness. Managing Stress. Physiology at Work Be & Breathe at Work

Be & Breathe

Using the Power Breath & Mindfulness to Create a Healthier and More Present Workplace

  • Learn to slow down and tune into your breath with a guided meditation
  • Discussion on the practices and benefits of mindfulness and breathwork
  • Practical techniques for incorporating breathwork into your daily routine
  • How to use breathwork to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • The science behind the mind-body connection and the role of breathwork in promoting wellness
  • How to use breathwork to increase focus and concentration
  • Techniques for using breathwork to enhance creativity and problem-solving
  • How to use breathwork to promote better sleep and reduce insomnia
MyWellbeing Workshops at home, online, at work and in studio. Rachel Gaffey Workshops MyWellbeing Yoga Pilates Women's Health At Home Online In Studio At Work Self Care for Women Destress and get grounded at Work

The Art of EmbodimentGet OutOf Your Head and Into Your Body!

The Art of Embodiment in the Workplace

  • Introduction to the concept of embodiment and how it relates to workplace wellbeing
  • The mind-body connection and the power of being present in the body
  • Techniques for getting out of your head and into your body
  • The benefits of embodiment for reducing stress, increasing productivity, and improving workplace culture
  • How to use embodiment to foster creativity and innovation
  • Techniques for incorporating movement and embodiment practices into your workday
  • The impact of posture and body language on our mental and physical wellbeing
  • Tips for creating a more ergonomic work environment and reducing physical strain
Rachel Gaffey Workplace Wellness Workplace Wellbeing Being Well at Work Workplace Wellbeing Presentations Work Well Programmes Keep Well at Work Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Corporate Wellbeing

Be Well At WorkThrough Movement, Mindfulness and Magic!

Discover the Magic of Wellbeing at Work:

  • Introduction to the concept of workplace wellbeing and the benefits of investing in employee health
  • The role of movement, mindfulness, and magic in improving workplace wellbeing
  • How to use movement to increase energy levels and reduce physical strain
  • Meditation techniques for reducing stress and improving focus
  • How to incorporate mindfulness practices into your workday
  • The power of visualisation and positive thinking
  • Techniques to promote creativity and problem-solving
  • How to foster a positive work environment with a focus on wellbeing
Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Nourishing Your Energy at Work. Workplace Wellbeing. Work Wellness. Managing Stress. Physiology at Work

Nourish Your Energy

Recharge Your Batteries: Nourishing Your Energy for a Healthy and Productive Workplace

  • Introduction to the concept of energy, and how it affects our health and wellbeing
  • The impact of workplace stress and lifestyle factors on our energy
  • How to identify your personal energy needs and create a tailored energy management plan
  • Strategies for managing both physical and emotional energy
  • How to optimise your work environment to improve energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • Techniques for incorporating movement, mindfulness, nutrition, and self-care into your workday
  • How to build sustainable energy habits for long-term vitality and wellbeing
Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Nourishing Your Energy at Work. Workplace Wellbeing. Work Wellness. Managing Stress. Physiology at Work

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    What they say....

    I joined the women at work workplace wellbeing programme during my pregnancy and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! The tailored support helped me feel confident navigating the challenges of working while pregnant.

    As someone who has experienced fertility challenges, the Wellness Coaching program was exactly what I needed. Rachel was incredibly supportive throughout our sessions, providing me with practical tools and emotional support as I navigated this difficult time

    Working with Rachel has been an incredible source of motivation and inspiration for me. She’s helped me overcome mental roadblocks, develop a growth mindset, and achieve things I never thought possible.

    Rachel did an excellent job of creating a wellness programme to suit our company’s needs. She took the time to understand our culture and challenges before designing a plan that would work for us. Thanks to the combination of mindfulness and wellbeing workshops we have created a positive atmosphere that has helped us all feel […]

    As someone who has struggled with menopause symptoms at work, I cannot recommend this workplace wellbeing programme enough! The support and resources provided have made a world of difference in managing my symptoms and improving my quality of life. It’s great to see my employer prioritise women’s health needs.

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