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Unlock your Inner Yogi or Pilates Practitioner or Mindfulness & Meditation Master with our expansive video on demand library – practice anytime, anywhere!

VOD Classes include:

  • Yogalates
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Pregnancy Pilates
  • Mum and Baby Yoga
  • Baby Massage
  • Mindfulness
Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Home Practice Yoga Pilates Yogalates Video on Demand

Video on Demand Library

Our Video on Demand (VOD) library is ideal for those who cannot attend live classes, or anyone who wishes to practice at their own time, from their preferred place. We have over 300 videos available in our growing on demand library with something for everyone to enjoy and practice according to what your body needs most whenever you choose to roll out your mat.

Every live class is recorded and our new classes are added to our VOD library every week.

VOD Classes include:

  • Yogalates
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Pregnancy Pilates
  • Mum and Baby Yoga
  • Baby Massage
  • Mindfulness

Access your Video on Demand (VOD) Library

  1. Click here to log in
  2. VOD Monthly  Membership €25 (no live classes)
  3. Purchase a 24 hour pass  for €10
  4. Unlimited VOD access is included in Monthly Memberships
Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Home Practice Yoga Pilates Yogalates Video on Demand MyWellbeing Workplace Wellness

What To Do?Class Descriptions

All classes are fun and fabulous, you are guaranteed individual attention in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Rachel has been teaching full time since 2006 and is committed to learning and growing both her personal practice and teaching skills and delivers this back to her students.


Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Yoga Pilates Yogalates Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Yogalates is a combination of Yoga & Pilates – this is both an efficient and effective class, incorporating the best of each. You can expect to get the core strength of Pilates along with the lengthening and overall toning & strength of Yoga. We also incorporate breathing practices, mindfulness and mediation, along with rest and reset.

You will work on the whole body, have fun, feel fabulous and benefit from a more relaxed mind.

Yoga and Meditation

Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

This class is suitable for anyone, everyone should try it.

Enjoy a special blend of gorgeous yoga moves, breath work to connect you back to the centre of who you are along with deep rest where the magic unfolds. Yoga and Meditation is the class you need to full your cup!

Yoga will help to create balance in the body and allow you to develop both your strength and flexibility. Meditation will unwind your mind and help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

(Video On Demand Library Only)

Pregnancy Yoga

Preg Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga helps create space for your growing baby, particularly between the ribs and hips. Expect to work on flexibility, breathwork and birth preparation. We keep the body both strong and flexible in preparation for labour and birth.

Pregnancy Yoga also incorporates meditation and relaxation, helping you connect with your baby and leaving your mind relaxed, calm and focused.

Pregnancy Pilates

Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Pregnancy Yoga Dublin Pregnancy Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Pregnancy Pilates is great for working on your strength and flexibility and to keep you strong throughout your pregnancy. Pilates works on bums, tums and hip strength as well as the upper body, this will help your body hold your growing baby within your body, while feeling fit, strong and fabulous.

This is an excellent way of keeping fit and strong while pregnant, along with giving yourself a head start on your postnatal recovery.

Mum and Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Postnatal Yoga Dublin Postnatal Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Mum & Baby Yoga is a one hour class designed to stretch and soothe mummies and babies. The class is primarily baby led, as in every class mummy has to respond to their babies changing demands. It is a great opportunity for new mummies to start a yoga practice in a supportive environment where they get to bring their babies along for some baby time too!

We spend half the class working on post-natal yoga & Pilates moves for mum. Join us to stretch and strengthen tired postnatal muscle, the other half of the class focuses on stretching out and playing with our beautiful babies. The class flows from mummy moves to baby moves and back and forwards to keep babies entertained!

Baby Massage

Baby Massage Mum and Baby Yoga Rachel Gaffey MyWellbeing Postnatal Yoga Dublin Postnatal Pilates Dublin Mindfulness Online and Crumlin Garden Studio Feel Fabulous

Is your little one ready to experience the wonderful sensory benefits of baby massage? Join us for our five-week course and begin an amazing bond with your baby! Through gentle stroking, subtle stretching movements and specialized techniques designed specifically to ease colic or wind, you will have fun discovering ways to soothe as well as stimulate their senses. In no time at all you’ll be unlocking a wondrous world full of positive energy that lasts long beyond the last class together.


MyWellbeing Workshops at home, online, at work and in studio. Rachel Gaffey Workshops MyWellbeing Yoga Pilates Women's Health At Home Online In Studio At Work Self Care for Women Destress and get grounded at Work

Mindfulness classes bring support, self-care, and nurturing into your life. Designed to help you explore the present moment. You’ll learn simple meditation and mindful movement. With our positive energy and focus on self-care, these classes are sure to uplift your spirit.

Your ChoiceLive Online Vs VOD

Live online classes are interactive and tailored to the people who show up live to class.
We start every class with a check in to see who needs what and tailor the class to specific requirements. The advantage of Live Online classes are the live connection to those in class with you, and the opportunity for the class to be personalised to your specific requirements every time you join the class.

For my mums to be, live online pregnancy classes are an amazing opportunity to bond with and connect with other women who are expecting babies at the same time as you. We answer and address all sorts of concerns and queries relating to your pregnancy journeys in live classes, the chats in live classes are an amazing opportunity to learn from other women and get practical tips and techniques to help your pregnancy journey.


With VOD, the live chats are removed from the start of class. You do not get to connect with others doing the classes and no modifications are offered as you are practicing on demand.

The big advantage of VOD is that you practice wherever and whenever you like. Another great benefit of VOD is that once you have done a Live Online class, if you particularly liked a class or got relief from a particular session you can repeat this as often as you like in the VOD section (VOD is included in all Monthly Memberships, 24 hour passes are also available).

Your Questions answeredOnline Classes & Workshops FAQs

What Prices are Online Classes?

  • Monthly Online Membership Including VOD Access: €65
  • Live Online Class: €12
  • 5 Live Online Class Pass: €50
  • VOD Monthly Membership (no live classes): €25
  • VOD 24 Hour Access: €10

How do I join Live Online Classes?

  1. Create an account
  2. Purchase credit
  3. Book your class
  4. Class link is emailed 10 mins before class
  5. Join via zoom

How do I access VOD?

To access your Video on Demand (VOD) Library:

  1. Log in
  2. Unlimited VOD access is included in Monthly Memberships
  3. Purchase a 24 hour pass for €10

When do I need to book into class?

Registration closes 15 mins before Live Online Classes.

What do I need to practice online?

  • Zoom
  • Space to practice
  • Recommendation to set up your space where you will not be disturbed
  • Yoga mat, pillow, blanket.
  • Optional: fav smells, candle music
  • Optional Equipment to enhance your home practice: 65cm ball, band, circle, light hand weights

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