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Super Food journey

While on our journey of self care, it’s important to note what we put into our bodies. Not that we have to eat healthily all the time. But starting your day with a good breakfast can really go a long way. There are lots of great recipes on MindBodyGreen – the...

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Dance by yourself

One of the great things about kids is their fearlessness. Put on a good tune and they’ll bop away to themselves. Not a care in the world. So it being Thursday, find a place where you can dance to your hearts content! Be it out and about in town or...

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There’s nothing worse that feeling agitated when the sun is shining. Our thoughts can get on top of us, without us even realising. So what can you do to help calm the mind? Meditate. It’s something I preach but don’t really practice, aside from some precious time in a Yoga class....

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Cuddle with a pet

It’s been a while since I’ve had a pet but I do remember there’s nothing better than the warm fluffiness of a cuddle with your best friend. Whether it be a bosom bud catching up after a long day or they sense when you’re feeling a little low, a...

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Food made with love

Here is one from me. Food made with love, healthy mind, healthy heart 🙂 Dani Join Dani on Mondays at 8pm for Yoga.

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Snuggle up at home…

Oh my! What happened to our lovely weather? It’s like the Gods thought to themselves ‘We haven’t rained on the Irish in weeks. Let’s give them a month supply in one evening.’ But we don’t mind, because today our suggestion for self care is to snuggle up at home and read...

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