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Birthday Girl

The wonderful Niamh celebrates a big birthday today! One never reveals a lady’s age but let’s just say she doesn’t look a day over 21! Wishing you all the best. We hope you had a fabulous day! And celebrated in your inimitable style xx

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Healthy eating

Let’s admit it, sometimes, you just want a burger! Nothing else will do. Or maybe it’s that hunk of chocolate. It’s been a stressful day, week, hour! Go for it! Give yourself that joy. But for the other times where you’re on a good buzz and healthy eating is the way...

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Be Happy

It’s important to be happy but sometimes it’s hard to find that joy. We forget it’s normal not to feel happy every single moment of every day but sometimes. With the pressures of work and life, it’s easy to forget how to be happy. Let alone content. Be mindful and remember...

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Lunch time classes!

Often spend your lunch break sitting at your desk? Craving a better way to use that hour? We can’t guarantee the sunny weather but we can guarantee a good workout that will send you back to work feeling revived, refreshed and more positive. Lunch time classes are a brilliant...

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Day 100 Yaay!

So proud! We made it. Happy #100healthydays From healthy eating to healthy living to simply being more mindful, we had a great 100 days of just trying to be that little bit healthier. We hope you did too!! x  

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Day 99 – The Honest Project

Day 99! One more day to go! To help you keep up the good work check out this brilliant website – The Honest Project. It’s filled with all types of fabulous recipes that will keep you healthy for another 100 days and beyond! #100healthydays

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