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Day 87 – Connect with the next generation

Spending a bit of time with the next generation can go a long way. You’re bound to laugh and smile a lot more, which can only do wonders for your mental health! And sure they are our future! #100healthydays

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Day 86 – Let go

Sometimes you have just let go. Whatever it may be. Whether it be stress in work or worrying about something you can’t control. Or just knowing how to relax and enjoy a glass of vino! #100healthydays

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Day 85 – Birthdays!

We love Birthdays! A chance to do nice things for yourself. Today is Kate’s – here she is with her birthday gnome! Happy Birthday Kate! Have a great day! And remember, even if it’s not your birthday, you can do some nice for yourself. #100healthydays

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Day 84 – Buckwheat Noodles and Miso

Buckwheat noodles and miso. Cook the Chick peas Steam Carrots and/or broccoli Buckwheat noodles (soba) Toasted cashew nuts. For the sauce mix: Miso paste 1 tblsp sesame oil 2-4 tblsp Tamari 2-3 tblsp Toasted Cashew nuts. Enjoy

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Day 80 – Smoothie Bowl

Jade recommends the Smoothies bowl @ Eathos. Delicious and the staff are fabulous x Try it out and then maybe make it at home! Yum. #100healthydays

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Day 94 – Go Dancing

There are lots of options out there for a good dance workout but I’m talking about boogying. It’s Thursday so you may have to wait until tomorrow! Find some fun bar that plays songs that just want to make you move. You can’t beat a good dance for getting...

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