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20 Things Happy People Do Every Day

Check this out… Something that I need to remind myself of more often! How about you? What makes you happy? 20 Things Happy People Do Every Day By Jennifer White 1. Smile—a lot (pass on that happiness). 2. Say “yes” to something that makes you uncomfortable—because you know it’s...

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Protecting Your Back at Work

Backache in Pregnancy…. Backache is one of the top complaints with all my Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates students. The two most important places to protect your back is at work and watching how you sleep. Keeping active, using your ball and coming to class will help keep your back...

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Ryan Gosling does Yoga

We love that 30-year-old actor, Ryan Gosling, has joined the long list of men who are hitting the yoga mat! Apparently, Gosling his been bringing along a friend to class as well — his beloved dog, George. We love yoga and we love dogs here at MindBodyGreen — and...

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Marilyn Monroe: Yoga Superstar

Marilyn Monroe: Yoga Superstar By MindBodyGreen Not only did Marilyn Monroe crank out inspirational wisdom, but she also got her yoga on. Seems like the spirit of Marilyn is in the air as we’ve seen lots of Marilyn yoga photos floating around the internet the past few days. Did...

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’m a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s abs and yoga. When you combine the two in Yogalates (Yogalates Classes Dublin Tuesday & Wednesday 18.15), it works our midsections. In this video, learn from Jennifer’s trainer Mandy a mixture of yoga and tummy sculpting moves featuring three poses with variations. Ditch...

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Star Wars Yoga

Check out your favourite star wars figures doing Yoga Poses. If you like what you see, pop along to class tonight. Yogalates at 18.15 or Yoga Flows at 19.35, Dublin Holistic Centre, Dublin 2 Twenty-Eight yoga poses are depicted in this print, and each pose includes the sanskrit name....

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