Our Classes

Join us at MyWellbeing for classes of your choice. All classes are fun and fabulous, you are guaranteed individual attention in a relaxed, welcoming studio.

Womb Yoga

Womb Yoga is a restorative yoga class, designed to bring deep rest, relaxation and restoration to participants. Womb Yoga is open to all, with or without a womb. Classes will focus on the essence of women and opening ourselves up to softness, stillness and femininity.  Along with deep rest and relaxation, we will hold gentle yoga poses that will bring healing to our hips, pelvis and organs of reproduction. This class is one hour long.


Who could benefit from Womb Yoga:

  • Anyone who wants deep rest and relaxation
  • Premenstrual women
  • Women who wish to do gentle yoga during their period
  • Women who are planning a pregnancy
  • Women undergoing fertility treatments
  • Women who are in early pregnancy
  • Women who have lost their baby
  • Postnatal women
  • Peri-menopause, menopausal or post-menopause women
  • Women recovering from surgery
  • Women with fibroids, pelvic floor disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, or endometriosis
  • Anyone who wants to heal their reproductive organs


My Wellbeing Yoga Classes

Yoga will help to create balance in the body and allow you to develop both your strength and flexibility. It is excellent for anyone involved in sports who would like to prevent or heal injuries. Yoga lets you tune in, chill out and shape up all at the same time.

All of our classes are guaranteed to provide a great workout but leave you smiling.


My Wellbeing Pilates Classes

Pilates will tone your abdomen and strengthen your back. Pilates will build strength without excess bulk and results in a body that is fitter, healthier and more energised.

It is an excellent compliment for any sport and is a must for those looking to build long, lean muscles and is excellent for post natal recovery.



Yogalates is a combination of Yoga & Pilates – it incorporates the best of each. You can expect to get the core strength of Pilates with the lengthening and overall toning & strength of Yoga.

You will work on the whole body, have fun, feel fabulous and benefit from a more relaxed mind.

Tribal Belly Dancing

Jasmin works a fusion of modern contemporary dance elements with belly dance.

The essentially light quality of Modern Dance and its continuous play between tensions and suspension perfectly balances out the earthy quality of belly dance, almost providing a juxtaposition between the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang).