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The Cost of Getting Lean….is it worth it????

Check out this article below about what body fat percentage looks like and what you should be doing to attain or maintain various percentages. This is the best explanation I have ever seen about setting realistic goals and working out the type of lifestyle you want and what you...

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Our 2014 Christmas Appeal


This year we are teaming up with SVP to collect presents and raise as much possible for people in need this year. For all our students, we will have a Santa sack in studio that must be filled with various gifts and presents for people in need this year! It’s...

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We’re having a party….JOIN US!!


We are almost one year in this beautiful Dame St location, Christmas is upon us and we couldn’t think of a better reason to celebrate!!!   We want to have cocktails with you, our fab students, here in the studio on Monday 22nd December. Instead  of our usual detox,...

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Vegan chocolate cake recipe


Some of you have had the pleasure of tasting Natasha’s(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Littlecakegirl/239744592735906)  tasty vegan chocolate  cake. Well we’d definitely recommend this recipe for #100healthydays! Check out Natasha & Leah in class last week with these delicious cupcakes. Vegan chocolate cake Ingrediants::: 275g plain flour 100g of cocoa powder 1 HEAPED tsp of...

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Be a Ray of Sunshine


This message is from The Secret daily emails. We love it. Healthy mind  = healthy life.We have a choice when it comes to how we react in every situation. Choose gratitude, love, light, joy and appreciation.  Write down all the great things about everyone you know. Make a huge...

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Healthier Flapjacks

Here’s a nice recipe for Healthier Flapjacks which we use from time to time.   They are delicious and filling and lovely to have on hand as a treat. They contain protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats but keep in mind that they are sweetened with honey and contain dates...

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