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Got a Desk Job? Try these Simple Yoga Poses....

Got a desk job? 
Most of us who have desk jobs spend hours sitting in front  of a computer. It's a part of modern life and all that comes with it. Unfortunately sitting like this has lots of negative impacts when it comes to our posture and overall wellbeing.

While we can't avoid it, we can make some basic adjustments and practice some simple stretches that should help us undo some of the damage that sitting for 8 hours a day can do.

Simple Adjustments
1) Try and sit with your feet flat on the floor, knees in line with your hips and bent at a right angle.

5 Great Ways to Use a Birthing Ball For an Easier Childbirth

As those of you who are taking my pregnancy classes know, I am a huge fan of using birthing balls during your pregnancy, labour and birth. I strongly advice all students to get a ball as soon as they know that they are pregnant and spend as much time on it as possible.  Use your ball at home, relaxing, watching TV, at your desk, at your kitchen table and use that ball to ease any back pressure. Don't forget to use your ball for your daily exercises too!

For more info, check out this article by April Asorson, either read below of click here

What people really think about during Yoga class

What People Really Think About During Yoga Class (Hilarious Videos!)
This video is REALLY funny. If you ever find your mind wandering during a yoga class, well you are not alone. This video is PERFECT for a bit of a laugh on a rainy Friday afternoon. Press Play above orPlease click here to watch.
And for a bit more of a giggle, what people think about after their long hard Yoga or Pilates class, during Savasana (Dead body pose), please see below!
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Nude yoga fueled Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries breakup

Check out why Kim K's Yoga practice was blamed for her split from husband Kris by clicking here.
For fully clothed Dublin Yoga Class, pop along tonight at 20.20, South William Space

Rock Star Yoga

Maroons 5’s Adam Levine has recently come out praising the benefits of Yoga. Levine is one of the growing ambassadors of Yoga crediting it to his feel good factor.
“Weights made my neck thick, and I would be like, ‘I’m turning into a monster!’ Yoga takes what you have and moulds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel.” 
The Maroon 5 lead singer is all about his pre-concert ritual.“Playing a show before thousands of people is a highly unnatural state. When I get on the mat and do an hour of yoga before the show, I come out physically relaxed,”

Yoga Home Practice

As a Yoga and Pilates teacher, I often get asked the following questions;
How often should I do Yoga or Pilates?
Should I practice at home?
What exercises should I do?
How can I remember what you do in class?
Everyone knows the benefits of coming to a Yoga or Pilates class, and students often ask me how often they should practice outside of class. The ideal yoga practice is a daily practice, I recommend students try do something 3-5 days per week.
I have recorded a one hour DVD suitable for home Yoga practice.

92 Year Old Yoga Master

I just love this. Tao is FANTASTIC. I love her strength, her grace and her fab manicure at 92. She is so strong and flexible, she positively glows. Tao is 92 years young, she looks so healthy and fresh, Tao teaches her classes every week!!!
I hope that in 60 years’ time, I am still practicing daily and teaching Yoga Classes, Pilates Classes and Yogalates Classes in Dublin and have master some of her arm balances. Check out this You Tube video of a true Yogi….
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Yoga and Pilates for Soccer Players

More evidence that professional sports stars are using Yoga and Pilates to extend their careers and prevent injury. If you are playing sports, you should be doing Yoga, Pilates or both. 
We are running: 
Yoga Classes Dublin 2
Pilates Classes Dublin 2
Yogalates Classes Dublin 2
Pregnancy Yoga Classesa & Pregnancy Pilates classes Dublin 2
Starting in November, check out our Mummy and Baby Yoga classes

Health Benefits of Yoga

What are the health benefits of yoga?
People often do yoga simply for the feel good factor, perhaps it helps them sleep better, maybe they find it an enjoyable way to exercise. In the article below, Deepak Chopra examines the medical health benefits of yoga.
If you would like to try yoga, yoga classes in Dublin 2 are Wednesdays  at 20.20.

Rachel Gaffey Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations
Rachel takes you through 3 Hatha Yoga Sunsalutations
August 2010
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Yoga Classes Dublin Rachel Gaffey
Rachel Gaffey of Tara Wellbeing Studio, Dublin's Friendliest studio offering Yoga, Pilates and Body Bootcamp Classes in Meath Street Dublin 8, takes you through Hatha Sun Salutations. For more informa...