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Got a Desk Job? Try these Simple Yoga Poses....

Got a desk job? 
Most of us who have desk jobs spend hours sitting in front  of a computer. It's a part of modern life and all that comes with it. Unfortunately sitting like this has lots of negative impacts when it comes to our posture and overall wellbeing.

While we can't avoid it, we can make some basic adjustments and practice some simple stretches that should help us undo some of the damage that sitting for 8 hours a day can do.

Simple Adjustments
1) Try and sit with your feet flat on the floor, knees in line with your hips and bent at a right angle.

Yoga & Pilates for Men

Real Men do Yoga.....

What do David Beckham, Andy Murray, Ryan Giggs, The Irish Rugby Team and Colin Farrell all have in common? They are all dedicated yoga practitioners.

Did you know that Yoga and Pilates can have a tremendous impact on your sports performance? If you're not already taking regular classes here's why you should:

1) Prevent Injuries and Improve Flexibility
Yoga increases overall flexibility. It improves overall body awareness and addresses existing imbalances in the body.

Home Yoga Practice With My Two Girls

Home Yoga Practice with my two girls…
Rachel Gaffey
People always ask,”How many classes do you teach every week?” And their reaction is always,  “Wow you must be so fit!”
However those of you who come to my classes know that the most worked out muscles in my body are my vocal cords!! Most of my classes or workshops are spent talking to and adjusting  my students.
A home practice is a very important part of my Yoga Practice, however with 2 beautiful little girls (9 months and 2 ½) it is not always the easiest or the most Zen like environment!

Active Birth Workshops

Active Birth – 
For Shorter Labour, 
Less Pain and More...... 

For those of you around the 30 week mark, right up to the end of your pregnancy, I really recommend coming to an Active Birth Workshop.

Please take the time to read the article below, written by Janet Balaskas, founder of the Active Birth Movement.

For those of you interested in my workshops, please clickhere for 2014Workshop Dates

Active Birth is not new. Its a way of describing how women the world over have always behaved during labour and birth throughout history since time immemorial.

Yoga - The Secret to Success for Dublin GAA Team

It has been revealed that theDublin GAA teamincludedYogaas part of their training in the lead up to their All-Ireland triumph this year. According to the Irish Independent Yoga was a “secret weapon” and made the team unbeatable.
Yoga was used as a tool to physically and mentally challenge and prepare the players. The team undertook special breathing techniques, designed to support the nervous system, reduce stress and improve reactions and focus. In addition to this they did a series yoga postures, allowing them to recover from training, prevent injury’s occurring and increase their mobility.

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Check out this cool infographic I found on the many benefits of Yoga. 

I've found these to be true - over the years my Yoga practice has given me all of this and more. What are you discovering about Yoga?

If you've never tried Yoga before and you want to see what all the fuss is about come along and enjoy a class with me. Check out our timetable here.

Orlagh Frank McLoughlin, 23 March 2013, her birth story!

Orlagh Frank McLoughlin Birth Story!

Hi guys, I have had lots of requests for Orlagh’s birth story. Apologies that it has taken me 2 weeks to get round to writing it and even bigger apologies for the length of the story. However, most of you wanted all the info, so here it is…..   

For those who want the nutshell, Orlagh was due Friday March 22nd and arrived March 23rd at 15.47, 8lb 7oz! We got to the Coombe at 15.00 and Orlagh was born at 15.47. She is gorgeous and perfect and we are loving that she is part of our family!

A letter to … the lady in the next bed The letter you always wanted to write

A letter to … the lady in the next bed The letter you always wanted to write

Saturday 15 December 

Having watched Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake and the other Olympians recently, I started thinking about how their competitiveness translates to the everyday world. I thought about how we push each other along and help each other to do our best. That made me think of you. I wanted to say thank you. Though we never met and I never even saw your face, you helped me to get through one of the most intense experiences of my life.

Treating Pelvic Organ Prolapse

There are many options for treating pelvic organ prolapse (POP), ranging from the conservative and non-invasive, to more serious treatments such as surgery. The degree of treatment used by a woman and her doctor to reverse prolapse symptoms should reflect the degree of her condition. 

Surgical treatment is only necessary to reverse the most severe side effects. It's important to keep in mind that many non-invasive treatments used to treat prolapse can also be used to prevent it from developing.

20 Things Happy People Do Every Day

Check this out...

Something that I need to remind myself of more often!

How about you?
What makes you happy?

20 Things Happy People Do Every Day

1. Smile—a lot (pass on that happiness).
2. Say “yes” to something that makes you uncomfortable—because you know it’s actually good for you.
3. Practice kindness.
4. Love enthusiastically and with your entire being.
5. Re-commit to goals.
6. Talk to a friend—even if it’s just on the phone.
7. Be your own best friend (practice